Möbius – free for one week

If you missed my science fiction medical mystery, “Möbius,” it’s available free for one week in Event Horizon: An Anthology of Authors Eligible for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer (download). After July 15, “Möbius” will still be available, but only by purchasing Writers of the Future, Vol. 32 (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers).

Of course I’d blow smoke about all my story-babies, so here’s an unbiased opinion from review magazine Tangent Online: “‘Möbius’ is a tightly written mix of mystery and moral questions that literally leaves the ending in your hands. Centering on a world where genetic research is tightly regulated, outlaw labs have sprung up and law enforcement has responded. The characters are well written, the mystery plausible, and the story reads like a high stakes poker game with the characters in a cycle of raising the stakes that leaves you racing through the story. Probably the best of the anthology.”


Talia Spencer_Mobius_CMYK

Artwork for “Möbius” by Talia Spencer

2 thoughts on “Möbius – free for one week

  1. Christoph,            My friend is here from Germany at the moment. He is a Bio Engineer. He works largely with blood. Cell farms are common place within this community. What can be done now today is no longer fiction. The big issues for his work are funding and regulation. I am no longer amazed at what can be done in the scientific community. You might look into Entanglement in the future. It will lead your imagination into many possibilities.  



    • Thanks, George. Is “here” at present Texas or Reno? If the latter, I’d love to chat with you and your friend. I can listen for hours about the possibilities raised by CRISPR and other gene-editing techniques. Exciting stuff, even if there are some massive pitfalls to watch out for.

      And I assume you’re referring to quantum entanglement … if so, I agree–wild! (or as Einstein would say, “spooky”). If you’re into this branch of physics, I highly recommend The Three-body Problem; it plays with some of these ideas in really fun, original ways.


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