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Acceptance speech at Writers of the Future (starts at 00:56), including a reenaction of my backfired attempt to impersonate Ahnuld Schwarzenegger.

One group I meant to thank, but forgot in the adrenaline flood: my writing partners at, High Sierra Writers, and all the friends who provided me with critiques. “Möbius” was the first short story I ever wrote, and without your feedback it would still be the unpolished bilge I first sent you. So, because late is better than never: thank you.



Total fanboy moment with Orson Scott Card, whom I was lucky enough to have as a writing instructor during Writers of the Future. His novel Ender’s Game (actually, the whole Ender saga) is still one of my favorites.

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Red carpet interview about my short story “Möbius.” One of many memorable moments from Writers of the Future.

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Cueva de las Manos (header) – By Pablo Gimenez, 01-17-2012., via Wikimedia Commons.