I write. Mainly speculative fiction, but also literary fiction, horror, and what might generously be called poetry. My work has appeared in Nature, among other publications, and I’m a winner of the 2016 Writers of the Future Award.

Most of my stories are set in the near future, as I think one of fiction’s greatest strengths is its ability to examine current trends and extrapolate, to give us a glimpse of what the future holds.

When not writing on dead trees I try to help live ones, as a certified arborist, board member at the University of Nevada Arboretum, and guerrilla tree planter. Previously, I was a firefighter on U.S. federal hotshot crews, and before that an interpreter/guide in China. But I was a writer then too. I’ve traveled a fair bit, and I still think the greatest journeys are those we take on the page, through our own ink or another’s.

So come, have an adventure with me. I promise, I’ll make it as fun as I can.

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